Studio Blue Artists in Residence 2017

Annie Temmink.

​A Charlottesville based sculptor and costume designer, Annie received a Watson Fellowship to study fashion and textiles around the world, including work in Indonesia, Japan, Uganda, and India. Her time abroad inspired a love of adornment and eccentric wearables, but materials and an interest in movement have always inspired her work.  Her love of materials has led her to work with metal workers, in woodshops, fabric dye studios and alongside celebrity stylists and designers in Los Angeles. Annie also loves to dance and forage for plants.   Find her on Instagram @artemmink


LuLu Miller


​​Lulu Miller is co-host of the NPR program Invisibilia.

Miller covers stories that challenge our assumptions about how the human organism works—from the story of The "Bat Man" (a man who is blind and uses echolocation to navigate the world), to the tale of Martin Pistorius (who was locked in his body for 13 years but found a way to emerge), to a surprising new way to overcome your demons, by, well, lying to yourself.

She is always on the hunt for "stories in which Duct-Tape Solves the Ethereal Sadness," as she puts it. To hear more about that, take a listen here. In January 2015, Miller and NPR Science Correspondent Alix Spiegel created Invisibilia, a series from NPR about the unseen forces that control human behavior – our ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and thoughts. Invisibiliainterweaves personal stories and fascinating new psychological and brain science in a way that, ultimately, makes you see your own life differently. The radio program is available in podcast form and excerpts are featured on All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Before that, she was a reporter on the NPR Science Desk.

Prior to joining NPR in 2013, Miller taught and wrote fiction at the University of Virginia on a Poe-Faulkner Fellowship. Before that, she was with Radiolab, working as one of the founding producers on the weekly public radio show and podcast that weaves stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries. Radiolab is produced by WNYC. Miller produced Radiolab for five years and continues to serve as a contributor. Her work has been recognized by the George Foster Peabody Awards, Third Coast, and The Missouri Review.

Miller graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in History.

​(biography from NPR.